November 18, 2014

winter chill

i am pleased to report that i found a super cute and really cozy winter jacket :)
it did cost $60 total, but it's already proving to be well worth it & i'm so happy with my purchase!

we headed to old navy because they were having a sale and while the decision was between either this gray jacket or a black waist-length pea coat, i love the longer length of this one and the toggle detail is what sealed the deal. my sister and i ended up getting the same coat just different colors, it's just that cute! i sized up and got a medium, so it would layer well over shirts and sweaters and if you can't tell from the photos below, i absolutly LOVE the large pockets, super convenient for your phone, keys, gloves, etc... i went with this gray color & mirelle got navy blue and of course we plan to exchange them with each other every few weeks, haha! #soulshoppers is the word we use to describe our shopping habits because even when we are apart, we often pick out and purchase the same items just in different colors or variations. mirelle also found i also found for mirelle these adorable black boots with blue zipper detailing in the back at burlington for only $30! she was on the hunt for a knee-length black boot & they were really perfect! (they remind me of these

on another note, sunday was kind of a funky day for me.
i guess you can say i woke up on the wrong side of the bed or whatever, but i was just in a bad mood and sort of really "moping around," and even taking frustration out on dekel, which i have since apologized for, but still today i am feeling emotional and a little 'out-of-whack.' anyways, about to wash away all negativity with a warm shower since it's approx. FREEZING 43 degrees over here! 

here's to a productive and happy week!

thanks for reading!

November 15, 2014

four letter word

second saturday in a row that i am off and i am loving that!

i spent the morning with dekel, having a very strong (quad shot!) latte + bagel w/cream cheese (for me) & breakfast burrito w/salsa (for him) at dunn bros coffee, again. it was much more crowded this time but we squeezed into a small corner table until some big, comfy chairs opened up and we swooped in.

it's been pretty chilly here in dallas the last few days, so this morning i bundled up with layers in a long tank top, a long sleeve shirt and then this soft, knit sweater topped off with a hat, scarf and knee-high boots to keep me warm. since getting this hat a few weeks ago, i am falling more & more in love with it and hats in general and i want all different kinds, like this one and this one in particular!

on that fashion note, my sister, mirelle, & i are headed to burlington & old navy today to try to find a winter jacket or coat. i am leaning toward a pea-coat, since they look so cute with everything and layer well, but my budget is $50 so we will have to see...hopefully there will be some sales!!

what are you up to this weekend?

hat: target, scarf: h&m, knit sweater: charlotte russe, purse: vintage neiman marcus, bracelet: sour melan, plum jeans: two by vince camuto from buffalo exchange, boots: target

November 11, 2014

behind the lens

this past weekend dek & i made our way up to mckinney to photograph the epperson family. 

check out marli's blog here & some of my favorite shots from the day, if you would like:

November 8, 2014

field of dreams

yesterday, before our scentsy party, mirelle & i decided to stop in this little field and take a few outfit photo before the warm sun set. i picked up this cute little hat at target and am so happy i did, i love it! i paired it with my leather jacket & bohemian, fringed booties plus feather earrings to give off a hippie chic vibe.

 hat: target, earrings: ebay, necklace: h&m, jacket: zara (similar here), top: charlotte russe, pants: target, booties: tj maxx by sam edelman (similar here)
  my stunning photographer & sister, mirelle

after our photoshoot we headed over to goodfriend for a beer & bite to eat before our final destination...the scentsy party, which was really fun! we sipped drank mimosas and sampled scents and in the end i only found a gift for my grandmother, but we had a blast! 

November 7, 2014

this weekend i am...

well, today and tomorrow are my "weekend," as i will work on sunday, but i am loving having 2 days off in a row, especially with fun-filled things lined up for both days :)

i started today off by attending a yoga class at my gym.
i can count on one hand the times i have "done" yoga, so i was definitely a sight to see in there...the struggles were real, but it was fun and i looovvee stretching and it felt like it was just one big stretch class, maybe i wasn't doing it right, i don't know. as much as i enjoyed it, i was tensing up in my shoulders and i walked out with a crick in my neck *thumbs down* so i have applied some tiger balm and a heating pad, but man it hurts!

this evening my sister, mom & i are attending a 'scentsy party,' where friends get together to drink, hang out and shop for the holidays. i've never been to one, but am excited to go and i'm going to pick a scentsy out for my grandmother for christmas & for dekel's mom's birthday, since they don't have scentsy in israel & everyone over there loovveess scented items for the home!

tomorrow morning at a bright & early 8 am dekel and i are going to snap some family portraits of the epperson's. this is a great chance for me to practice my photography skills, all while providing my friend marli with some pics of her beautiful family, i am so excited!!! we have decided to shoot in the historic square of downtown mckinney & we plan to arrive before the shops open as to not have too much background noise. i can only hope the photos turn out professional-looking and crisp; i am so excited to play around and take shots in the chilly morning sun.

later saturday evening, my friend from work, amanda, is celebrating her birthday at pf changs, so i'm going to go cheers a lemondrop martini in her honor!

i was the 1st customer in ross this morning to get myself a yoga mat at 9 am before my class, luckily they had one for only $5!
i love this family portrait in the middle of the city

what are you up to this weekend?