September 1, 2014

greetings from israel

hi there!

it is midnight here as i type this and we just got home from enjoying a beer at a local restaurant/pub near where dekel's parents called BBB. it's a burger bar with a few great taps and its convieniently located so we went out for a bit, but i thought since i am up and not tired at all (stupid jet lag!) i would share some photos from our travels and our first few days in israel. sorry for the low-qual photos, but we didnt bust out our camera...just opted for iphone photos instead, but i promise better photos will follow this post! :)

 dallas  ---> amsterdam  ---> israel
 arriving in centraal station about to start out little layover in the city
 bikes, bikes, bikes
 i couldn't get enough of the quaint, little alleyways filled with cafes, shops & bakeries
people watching with an "ice cold" heineken in hand
 about to land in israel, after about 28 hours of travel
geva (dekel's little brother) welcomed us at the airport with a huge sign & warm hugs
  at guy (dekel's best friend since childhood) & karin's wedding, the evening we landed 
 we had a blast! the top pic is a group shot of most of dek's friends 
the view from dekel's sisters house is breath-taking, 
you can see so much land & so many mountains!
at the beach with my sisters, we buried leonne in the sand. i've always wanted to do that! 
she wouldn't let us put boobs on her, so shells had to suffice...
had a blast with these two!
they are 11 & 10.5 so it was fun to be a kid with them & build sand castles, throw sand balls at each other and goof around in the water...
 our first schwarma of the trip...there will be many more of these consumed in the next 2 weeks! 
reppin' texas here in israel, of course, so i wore my san marvelous tank to the beach today & on the way home i had to snap some pics in a gorgeous field near dek's parents house :)

thanks for checking in & i will be uploading more photos / stories soon, so stay tuned!

August 26, 2014

taking off

leaving the house in about 5 minutes for the airport to finally leave for israel.
feel like this moment has been in our minds for a long time now and its finally here, we're so excited!

can't wait to see everyone, eat schwarma & go to the beach & israeli markets!
i will try to blog as much as possible during this 2.5 week whirlwind, so check back :)

August 13, 2014

a chippy little sandwich

i have a weird thing where i put chips on my sandwiches.
what is your weird thing?

in this case it was a starbucks turkey pesto panini & i added feta cheese, then toasted it and then added sour cream and onion potato chips. another favorite of mine if starbucks tomato, mozzarella panini with kettle bbq chips added. OMMGEEE try it!

August 5, 2014

long time no post

i always mean to update sooner, but always find something else to do besides sit my butt down to write. even though, while living abroad in israel writing & blogging used to be a huge passion of mine. don't get me wrong, it still is, i guess lately i have just redirected my passion to crafting and expanding our small business which, unfortunately, does not leave much time for me to get lost in blogging like i used to or even compose my thoughts enough to write about. 

i still check my fav blogs every other day & love scouring the internet for blog-worthy photos of dreamy vacation destinations, but i just cant find the time to write like i used to. i guess my blog also held a different purpose when i lived abroad, it was a peek inside my life of "flying far," living away from home. living in israel and traveling to the countries around it. i would share what i did that week, where we went, ate, etc. and now that i live in dallas, near to my friends and family, i don't see my blog holding the same purpose. i still use social media sites, but blogging has taken a backseat to my life. and i hope to change that.

anyways, dekel and i will be visiting israel in 3 weeks & we are so excited to be back in our beloved country and to see family and friends. my dear savta (grandmother in hebrew) passed away about a month ago, so this trip will be a bit different for me, as she was the one i always gravitated to visit when i was living there. i even lived with my israeli grandparents for a few months, so it will be tough to face her death and not be able to see her sweet face while i am there. but this trip is more for dekel. he needs this. i can remember how badly i needed the visits home. i would visit every year and a half and it never seemed enough. he needs this and we are both looking forward to it. dekel's best friend, guy, will be getting married the day we land in israel, so we are looking forward to a whirlwind of events and celebrations during our stay. a trip to tel aviv with dekel's whole family has been planned and for the weekdays in between, dekel and i plan to take nature hikes, go to the beach and spend time with my 2 little sisters, mai & leonne

have you traveled anywhere this summer?

have any traveling plans for the future??

June 17, 2014

currently craving...

silver on silver on silver

fringe...on anything & everything

feather earrings

bohemian chic sandals

all photos via

what are your current cravings?

May 27, 2014

studded in starbucks

this past weekend was a fun one, although i had to work, dek & i were able to squeeze in some quality time :)

we also met up on sunday at the allen outlet mall with my sister and her bf to walk around and find some good deals. the sales weren't all that amazing, but i did score two peplum tops (my first ones ever!) at charlotte russe for only $10 each! after the mall we went to eat at chilis & then continued on to old navy, marshalls and tj maxx. dekel got some items for his family back home in israel & we are going to send them a care package here in the next few days. his family asks for him to find things here in the US that are way cheaper than in israel, like athletic shoes and work out apparel, so we got them some good stuff :)

yesterday was memorial day & after i got off work, we went to visit my grandmother. 
she had been to visit my grandfather & was having a sad day so hopefully our visit cheered her up. 
we just sat around and ate and joked and laughed for a few hours. we love going over there and spending time with her! she really is the best listener/ advice giver, etc...

mel and i stopped in starbucks for a little pick-me-up yesterday, so i'll leave you with a few photos of my new top (& rockstar jeans from old navy, which i'm in love with already)

what did you do this past weekend??

May 20, 2014

wild in the flowers

happy tuesday to ya!

i am off work today, but have tons of other stuff to do around here for sour melan, so this is just a quickie post to share some of our "outtakes" from last nights photo-shoot. mel & i decided to revamp our business cards since we are about to order more and we thought it might be nice to include our photo on one side of the card, so people actually know and understand what our products are, instead of just the logo.

so dek was our photographer and we went down the street to a pretty wildflower park where we brought different flower halos to try to to get a great shot. we wanted it to look professional, but not too posed.

here are some outtakes & the final business cards are coming sooooonnn!!! :)

& please check out the sour melan!! 

May 17, 2014

graduation weekend & more

last weekend was an event-filled one!
with my brother's college graduation, my dad in town from israel & mother's day, it was busy, to say the least. 

my dad flew in town to attend my brother's graduation at a&m and he stayed in dallas thursday-monday, which was nice. we got to hang out and catch up. we always have really great, long, honest "talks" about anything and everything. this time the topic was my brother. he's been isolating himself for a while now, claiming to be "busy in school" or whatever, but there's no excuse if you actually want to make family a priority. so we all sat down and talked and finally turned a new page in our relationships to work harder at communicating and contacting each other, especially with my dad living across the world and my brother moving to new york now. 

it's funny how "easy" it was for us to be a family when we were younger and lived under the same roof, but as i've grown up i've really seen how important it is to stay in touch, even with the smallest details of your life, in order to maintain those relationships and to keep those people close to you. 

welp..."i think i might be an adult," like my friend katelin would say. 

we had a wonderful mother's day this year. 
mirelle & i took my mom, grandmother and aunt carol out to brunch at a new-to-us place called eden restaurant on lovers lane here in dallas. it was buffet style with different salads, prime rib, corn soup and different quiches with a whole dessert spread as well.

we were even able to squeeze in a stop to the grand opening of bask boutique in snider plaza, here in dallas. my friend (& college roommate!) ashley opened it with her friend, megan, and the place is amazing! they carry amazing swimwear & accessories lines, so if you are in need of a hot piece this summer, go check 'em out!

here are some photos from last weekend, if you'd like to see.

today, dekel & i are headed to deep ellum brewery to take a tour and have some beer. 
i'm working tomorrow, but only until 1, so after that we will probably do a family lunch.

mel & i have lots of work to do for sour melan, we were accepted as vendors for the lake dallas 4th of july festival! so we are working like crazy to build our stock & prepare for a successful event! 

i'd love to know!
what are your plans this weekend?