September 10, 2014

sweet & salty water

yesterday dek & i rented bikes in emeq hamaayanot (the maayan valley), where maayan means "natural springs" in hebrew and we biked to a pool to take a dip and relax. the water is sweet & refreshing we hope to hit up another spring before leaving this beautiful country on saturday.

before taking off on our bike trip, we stopped at a little cafe to share breakfast, israeli style. we love, love, love breakfasts here. they consist of eggs, typically omlet style with onions, mushrooms and seasonings, finely chopped salad of cucumbers, tomatos, onions and carrots with olive oil, fresh bread and a whole assortment of spreads like cheeses, pesto, guacamole, tahini, jam, etc with a little side of yogurt with granola. the breakfasts also come with your choice of juice and coffee. we love it! the meals are so big that we usually order the meal for 1 person and split it, but dek's mom gave us a giftcard for 1+1 so we didn't have a choice in the matter but def did not even finish all of this. it was amazing though!

the delishious spreads
 i chose fresh squeezed orange juice & dek took orange with carrot
we arrived to the natural springs, parked out bikes and jumped got in
 beautiful, beautiful place & almost no one was there!
  this rock was my favorite spot as when you would get in, first of all the water is freezing, second, little tiny fish would come nibble on your feet which really freaked me out. i did eventually get in the water, no pics to prove it, but it was fun!
 that view though..
i am a sucker for mountains...

after some time at the spring, we rode our little bikes back & went to have dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins in ramat yishay. my cousin, danielle, made homemade pizza dough and we made pizzas in their outside oven. the results were mouth-watering!

i was in charge of making the pizza shapes
 toppings of tomatos, onion, zaatar, green olives, mozzarella & feta cheese. yum!
we made all different kinds, but i stuck with feta & olives
 my aunt, uncle and cousins :)

today dek & i went to the beach in haifa to play around, we swam and jumped in the waves, played matkot, shared a beer & onion bissili and tanned a bit before heading home to shower and meet my dad & sisters for frozen yogurt.

beach life
 in the austin flowerhalo
my dad & sisters, leonne and mai
best frozen yogurt ever! we love this place legenda, proof here
i got mine with candied cashews, coconut & chocolate balls.
  reppen' greenville avenue pizza company here in israel :) 

September 9, 2014

tel aviv trip

this past weekend dekel's dad invited the whole fam to tel aviv. he got us all (each couple) hotel rooms at leonardo city tower in ramat gan & we stayed thursday-sunday.

it was such a nice gesture on his part and such a perfect getaway to spend some quality time with everyone all together. while there, dek & i met up with some friends, went to shook hacarmel, worked on our tan by the pool, played with his neices & also went out to a nice dinner in herzliya.

i love that city and all the hustle & bustle that goes along with it. it truly is a special place. new york-esqu, but so much more laid back. there are a few popular areas in tel aviv, the hotel we stayed in was in the diamond exchange district, aka bursa, so we couldn't walk to much besides a restaurant called king george, which we took advantage of a few times, but public transportation is so easy in this country getting to the famous dizengoff  street was only a 10 min bus ride and when i met up with a friend at another hot spot, the namal (port), it was only a short cab ride away as well. 

it was sooooo hot this weekend, i'm talking 100+ so shorts were worn and hair was up most of the time, but we sure did enjoy the trip. 

here are a few photos from this past weekend:

near the entrance to the shook hacarmel.
tons & tons of pedestrians, motorists, dog walkers & street food :)
the entrance to the chaotic, yet loveable carmel market
 trying on some sunnies
 boxers for days
 breads of all kinds
beautiful dangling jewelry.
i love bargaining! the prices the vendors begin with are so funny because they probably think i have never been there before, but once i start walking away & speaking hebrew, the price drops by 50% !
neatly folded "brand name" shirts
starbucks tank, of course i had to snap a pic!
 live demo of a veggie cutting contraption 
 barad (shaved ice) to cool off, usually in passionfruit or grape flavor
  it was so hot, we got popsicles too
  overlooking the city
 signs for shelter, leftover on street poles and stairwells from the recent war.
one of the saddest things i witnessed this weekend was dekel's little niece
(at 5 years old!), ducking for cover after hearing a loud boom from a car or something, she thought it was a bomb...
 ootd, walking to dinner 

hope you enjoyed the photos!

dekel & i took an amazing bike ride today to a natural pool (spring) today & i hope to blog tomorrow to share those photos, as they are simply breath-taking. 

thanks for reading!

September 3, 2014

at the beach in a bodychain

we woke up this morning with no plans & when i opened my eyes and asked dekel "what are we doing today?" & his response was "going to the beach," i immediatly smiled and  jumped made my way out of bed to get ready :)

katelin let me borrow this amazing nasty gal dress/ cover-up and i knew i wanted to pair it with a body chain that i got before our trip and i received sooo many compliments on this outfit! i think i might have to bust it out again this weekend in tel aviv. we went to the "students beach" in haifa, and NO ONE was there! given it was the middle of the week, but it was just really was nice to have this beautiful beach all to ourselves. we swam in the warm water, rode the waves, layed out & played matkot, one of my favorite beach/ water-front activities.

after a few hours at the beach, we went to eat schwarma and then to shower and get ready to meet up with some friends in ramat yishay. i met my friend yarden for some iced caf'e (like a coffee slupree or a coffee frappucinno), while dekel met two of his friends for a beer at a place nearby. 

we are leaving tomorrow with dekel's parents (& whole family) to tel aviv untill sunday. while there we plan to meet up with some more friends, go to the carmel market (shook ha'carmel), beach & dinner on saturday with dekel's family.

i probably will not blog untill we return next week, as i will be without a computer, so thanks for reading & have a wonderful weekend! 

headchains & hot weather

to say that i'm into body jewelry & headchains right now would be an understatement.
obsessed may be a more appropriate term :)

i accumulated a few unique pieces before our trip & felt like the sachne was the perfect place to debut a few of my favs. even though dek may not approve, he was a great hubby to snap some shots in the almost-100 degree sun.

what do you think?
headchains.... yay or nay?
for special occasion or everyday wear?

this evening i met up with my friend basmat, whom i had not seen for almost two years. we met at adela in ramat yishay and shared a bottle of wine (gewurz is our fav) & a little appetizer of toast with ham & spicy mustard with fries on the side, which was delish. we always have great conversation and i'm so lucky to have met her and kept the connection alive, even though we don't speak often.

anyways, again, it's midnight & i find myself not tired, but running on the 4 hours of sleep i got last night, i guess i should force myself to hit the hay... so, goodnight from israel! 

September 1, 2014

greetings from israel

hi there!

it is midnight here as i type this and we just got home from enjoying a beer at a local restaurant/pub near where dekel's parents called BBB. it's a burger bar with a few great taps and its convieniently located so we went out for a bit, but i thought since i am up and not tired at all (stupid jet lag!) i would share some photos from our travels and our first few days in israel. sorry for the low-qual photos, but we didnt bust out our camera...just opted for iphone photos instead, but i promise better photos will follow this post! :)

 dallas  ---> amsterdam  ---> israel
 arriving in centraal station about to start out little layover in the city
 bikes, bikes, bikes
 i couldn't get enough of the quaint, little alleyways filled with cafes, shops & bakeries
people watching with an "ice cold" heineken in hand
 about to land in israel, after about 28 hours of travel
geva (dekel's little brother) welcomed us at the airport with a huge sign & warm hugs
  at guy (dekel's best friend since childhood) & karin's wedding, the evening we landed 
 we had a blast! the top pic is a group shot of most of dek's friends 
the view from dekel's sisters house is breath-taking, 
you can see so much land & so many mountains!
at the beach with my sisters, we buried leonne in the sand. i've always wanted to do that! 
she wouldn't let us put boobs on her, so shells had to suffice...
had a blast with these two!
they are 11 & 10.5 so it was fun to be a kid with them & build sand castles, throw sand balls at each other and goof around in the water...
 our first schwarma of the trip...there will be many more of these consumed in the next 2 weeks! 
reppin' texas here in israel, of course, so i wore my san marvelous tank to the beach today & on the way home i had to snap some pics in a gorgeous field near dek's parents house :)

thanks for checking in & i will be uploading more photos / stories soon, so stay tuned!